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Surprise Wedding First Dance – Tips and Song Ideas

All the funny wedding dances that you have probably watched on Youtube are entertaining but only a few of them are really great and even those are not perfect in their ‘scenario’ and to be honest the song mixes technically are quite poor. So let’s put together some key features that are worth consideration. If you are not bothered or have no enough time before your wedding just forget about the tips. Carry on reading only if you have PERFECTION in mind. Let’s study then!

Include best songs, well known great hits

Obvious rule, but it’s good to keep it in mind and remember that your wedding mashup full of short clips of the most popular songs will have the biggest impact on your audience.

Include some of your special, personally chosen songs

This rule is opposite to the first one. Let’s face it, no matter how ridiculous this sounds and not romantic – this is not only your wedding! I’m sure you can feel it already that most of the preparation stuff has more to do with your guests and ‘how to keep them entertained’ than with you. However, even if you plan not the traditional slow dance only, but crazy and entertaining first dance, think about yourself, think about your love and at least for your first slow track pick something very special for you both. Also you don’t have to choose any song that is boring or pathetic in your opinion just because the song is in every evolution wedding mix.

Plan & practice your choreography or take dance lessons

We don’t want to discourage you but without at least basic choreography, without rehearsal, it can’t be very memorable performance. Just a little bit of line dancing and a little bit of synchronization and some funny crazy moves are just enough. If you expect a bigger WOW you can take dance lessons that will prepare you both to your fun first dance. However be careful if you find a dance teacher that says ‘you need to change this song’ it means that he/she is not very good, modern or universal dance teacher. So before you get back to us saying ‘our dance teacher says’ just think whether you really want to get rid of the song you like or maybe it’s just your teacher has no choreographic idea about it. There is no song impossible to dance to.
(we’ll carry on updating the list)

How do I create funny first dance wedding mix Mp3 or cd?

How to make a first wedding dance song mixed and full of hits?

Deliver much more fun to your wedding guests. Who knows if you upload it on youtube it may beat all the other mixed wedding song compilations. The key to success is professionally prepared music mix. Then everything depends on your choreography. It doesn’t have to be professional as long it’s funny and a little crazy!

Be original! Just one song is boring. Experienced DJs can advise original, bespoke reception wedding mix with records of your choice, in desired order and timing. Professionally mixed into cool and very atractive piece of music. Make your first wedding dance outstanding. Enjoy!

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