song mix creation for street dance groups

Street Dance Song Mix Creation

Good song mix is the absolutely essential key to your dance routine success. We all know that so please drop us an email via our contact form if you need any help with your music mix creation.

Song Mix Mashup for a Dance Group

If you need professional song mix for your dance choreography you can count on our music mixing services. We are experts in audio editing and song mixing and would love to help you to get your dance career to the next level.

Song mix for dance competition routine

Whether you are experienced professional choreographer or just starting dance group at the very important point of your career we can help you win that dance contest thanks to perfect, super sharp and dynamic song mix. With our mashup creation service we listen and understand your needs and expectations by obtaining your mix description first. You decide about the songs, timings, tempo, special effects and any accents within the songs that need to match your routine. You don’t just get a random mix based only on song titles. You get exactly what you have imagined and what you are asking for.