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Welcome to the music mixing centre, a place on the internet which is all about joy, fun and power given to you by mixed songs. Let’s face it… mixed songs sound cool! Sometimes you can see/hear it very easily when you are listening to well mixed hits in your club. Listening to your favourite’s records in the mix can really give you a buzz. The same effect you can see when watching any stage show on TV. It’s maybe less obvious to spot but note that the most popular shows are basically perfectly mixed (both audio and video). The same magic key to success is very often used by dance groups on stage or in dance sport competitions. We never think about it, we just receive the music mix in the background as a part of the show saying Wow! They’ve danced perfectly, that was great!

Wedding Dance Songs

For your wedding song ideas please visit our dedicated page. It may help in choosing great slow love songs and also fast crazy tunes for your funny first wedding dance mix!

Learn how to mix music – DJ mixing lessons, tips & tutorials

Learn dj mixing basics and step by step ‘how to mix’ theory with music examples. This will give you all necessary background of music mixing knowledge. Everything explained from basics. In particular, we will try to explain not only how to mix music but rather how to do it better, how to see/hear dj mixing mistakes and how to avoid them. Is it about how to become the best Dj?;-) Well, it depends on you and your talent but for sure it’s all about how to create very good, perfect mix. Learn how to mix music NOW!


This website is split into two main parts. First part is to provide learning support for DJs (future or existing) by showing and explaining dj mixing theory. Second part is about audio mixing like:

  • creating professional song mixes for dance groups on various occasions like festivals and competitions
  • preparing mixed sets with your best music to exercise to (fitness classes, aerobic and other physical exercises)
  • preparing wedding mixes for funny first wedding dance surprise
  • creating mixed song compilations of hits for your dance party, your favourite floorfillers picked by you in the mix
  • general song editing, adding audio effects, audio mixing, mastering, enhancement, restoration etc.
  • preparing music backgrounds for public events, stage performance & shows with perfect timing and sound effects required
  • producing music tracks edited to fit choreography of any stage show routine
  • mixed music tracks for magicians, comediants, mobile artists, theatres, circuses with perfect timing and special effects to fit your show
  • mixed songs for fireworks shows, exhibitions, photo slideshows
  • mixed audio track for video clips, home and profesional movies, 3D animations etc.