Evolution of Wedding Dance

Evolution of Wedding Dance Wedding mixes are very often called evolution mixes because of the variety of characteristic everlasting tracks. Great, beautiful, funny and sometimes stupid songs but always very popular and iconic for their times and their style. And if you pack 20 song hits like this into 5min evolution wedding mix as your […]

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First Dance Mashup Songs

Get your surprise Wedding mashup with your favourite songs. Having a wedding and need this cool Surprise Song Mashup that will make your wedding a night to remember for all your guests? Popular Evolution First Wedding Dance Songs (after breaking up your love song – Funny & Great Dance Hits in the Mix) Vanila – […]

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song mix creation for street dance groups

Street Dance Song Mix Creation

Good song mix is the absolutely essential key to your dance routine success. We all know that so please drop us an email via our contact form if you need any help with your music mix creation. Song Mix Mashup for a Dance Group If you need professional song mix for your dance choreography you […]

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