How to make a Hit Song – Top 10 Marketing Tips How to Write/Compose Commercial

This is our recipe for writing, composing, producing and marketing commercial pop hit song. If you ever wondered how to make the best song or rather the most popular song; or wanted a simple recipe on how to compose the most popular song ther you go, just read on the simple tips that make instant hits topping chart accross all commercial radio stations.

How to write the most popular song – an instant hit?

If you think, by any chance, that this list or text is a little bit sarcastic from time to time then you are… right.  Never the less, this is very deep study of pop music trends including marketing and technical tips and advice on how to succeed these days with your song. Each point is supported by examples so you can see or even hear for yourself that this works! So if you have some money and a tiny bit of vocal talent (actually not required these days ;-)) then these tips are checked and can guarantee commercial success.

Make your song very melodic – wide range of notes

This is the most important rule if you really want to produce a tune that will take over all the pathetic commercial radio stations(=95%) like a storm!

Mix music styles to get to wider audience

We had many examples in the past of mixtures of styles, for example adding rap to pop or dance songs. However current reality proves that the best option is to compose a typical pop song in dance style. Saying ‘typical pop song’ I mean with melody, vocal, instrumentally-busy and ear-friendly song with typical verse-chorus structure. It can’t be obviously a love song because this would narrow our audience and possible occasions where the tune could be played. So it has to be rather fast or medium tempo track.
Now, mixing this with dance/club music by speeding the tempo up and adding modern electronic sounds and instruments we are taking the song potentially not only to radio stations or TV but also to clubs and any kind of party. Imagine how huge mistake you would make by cutting off this huge piece of the music market. What’s more this gives you more chance

Repeat simple words to make it catchy and easy to remember

So we have plenty big top list hits using this trick repeating the same word many times, very often line by line. Just a few examples:

  • “…fight fight fight fight fight for this love” | Cheryl Cole.
  • “I came to dance, dance, dance, dance”
  • “Cause that’s my, plans, plans, plans, plans” | Taio Cruz – Dynamite
  • “And do it (Do it) And do it (And do it) And do it do it do it (And do it)” | Black Eyed PeasExtremely catchy, isn’t it? Very important key to commercial success for singers and composers.

Start song with chorus – more chance to catch the melody straight away

Why would you waste time for some verses if you can get straight to the point with catchy chorus melody? There is no time to waste for stupid verses or even more stupid traditional scheme: 2 verses-chorus-verse-chorus. No! Imagine radio DJ presenting your song for the first time. FIRST: people will judge your song straight away deciding whether they like it or not so give them the pleasure and fill in their mind with simple catchy melody from your chorus! SECOND (almost forgot) you never know how many chances radio stations will give you, you may be played once or twice and not necessarily to the end so grab your chances and fight from the very first second!

Sing your name in your song so people remember it

That’s right. If you are not a huge star yet you must do EVERYTHING so people can remember you. They can listen to the radio and not even know who are you or what to google to find more info about you. Many current big stars (if not all) sang their names at the rise of their career. We all know who has mastered this tip! Yes it’s Jasooon Derulooo!!! Jason Derulo made a very clear statement with his songs: “You MUST remember my name to make my career speeding up like a rocket!”. Simple but very effective as we all see so if you are one of them joking or hating-Derulo persons then think that it’s your fault as well as a member of the public. It’s also your fault that next Derulo’s album will have melodic songs with lyrics containing two words only and this way JD will beat MJ and Madonna all together in sales.