Are wedding surprise mashups still popular or dead?

First dance mashups are great but some people say that they are not as popular and trendy anymore. They say that the element of surprise is not as strong as it was a few years ago. It was trully jaw dropping to see the wedding couple performing crazy funny dance to a mix of their favourite dance hits.

Social media sharing wasn’t as popular so for most of the wedding guests it was indeed a very funny jaw dropping experience.


OK, let’s assume or even admit that most of the guests already seen something simillar online, on Facebook or Youtube. It still leaves us with the simple logical question:

What is better? onnneee slowww borrring 6min song? (Even if it is beautiful love song.)
OR, maybe doing the crazy surprise dance to your best music mix? For me the answer is obvious! Think about it, no offense but we must admit that wedding in general are very routine events. Organised for ages in similar manner with similar program, varying only from country to country and depending on religion.

So let’s break this routine

Let’s break this organised, predictable wedding schedule with something special, that will provide your guests with outstanding entertainment (regardless of your dance performance). Give yourself memories worth mentioning later on, every time your family talks about your wedding.
And finally, HAVE FUN at your wedding, pick your best tunes, including those to which you were partying together while dating and have lots of fun dancing together to those special songs.

If you do want this special song mix made for you, just drop us an enquiry with your song list and we will send you a quick quotation for producing your dream first dance mashup.